Day 5: Segment 8!!

Day 5- June 4

Today was my first full day with Bryan here because he flew in last night. Yesterday was a tough day so I was really hoping today would be better again since I did not run as many miles yesterday and got more time to rest and recover. We got a little bit of a late start because we didn’t get to bed til after 1 am the night before so we slept in a little longer and didn’t start til 8 am (we had been starting between 6:30 and 7:00 all the other days).

Bryan started running with me right away in the morning and we started with 4 miles at a time so we could cover more ground with less break time because it was already getting hot. Once again there was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was relentless. We had to start wearing our hats after the first 4 miles to try to keep some of the sun off our faces. The first 15 or so flew by being able to talk to Bryan because I feel like we had a lot to catch up on since we hadn’t seen each other since Monday and only texted off and on throughout the week before he got here with me.


By the time we got to 16 we were past the amount of miles that Bryan had ever run straight. He was doing great and we were starting to do about 3 miles at a time before a quick cool off and refuel break. We were taking some short walk breaks. It for the most part we were running. My knee was doing better the first half but then around mile 15 a semi sped past us and it caused enough wind to make Bryan’s hat go flying off his head. I turned my upper body to look back at him chasing his hat and I somehow twisted my leg and when we started running again all the pain was back in my knee. 😦 It stayed sharp for a hand full of miles and we had to take extra walk breaks, but eventually it went back to being a dull pain again.

A couple weeks before my segment a girl named Emily, who I did not know, sent me a message on Facebook about how she had recently heard of MS run the US and she was going to be traveling from Denver towards New York during the week of my segment and wanted to possibly meet up with me and run a handful of miles with me. She ended up being able to meet me today on their way our of Denver! It ended up being perfect timing because Bryan and I were almost to mile 20 when her and her boyfriend pulled up behind us and Bryan was ready to be done. This was the longest he had ever run and his feet were starting to bother him.


I had a great time running with Emily and Dan and they were able to join me for almost 6 miles! I leaned that Emily has MS and that her sister is the person who told her about MS Run the US because Emily lives in New York and the finish is there as well as a 5k race to wrap the whole relay up. The mile flew by for that stretch learning more about this couple who sought me out to join me for miles. How cool! During that same stretch we met a man named Rodger who saw our RV parked and came over to talk to us because he was also recently diagnosed with MS. It has been so amazing this year meeting to many people with MS because it makes what I’m doing feel more personal and like I can put a face to the name of the people I am raising money for and why I am running. It helps me to keep putting one foot in front of the other even when the pain gets super intense. It is for these people I have met and the ones I will meet in the future that keeps me determined to make it to Wray and work hard to raise money to help those who have this disease.


After Emily and Dan left to continue their trip home, Bryan jumped back in for 3 more miles, then I finished the last 5 by myself. I really cannot put into words how grateful I am for the company and how much it helps the miles go by faster. I have had so much company this week and it meant so much to me. Originally Bryan did not think he would be able to come out for the end of my segment this year and when he told me I was crushed but had to try to be okay with it because I cannot expect him to miss work for my stuff when he has several times already over the past year. When I was able to make it so I could finish on the weekend by running extra miles he agreed to come out. I really can’t imagine him not being here. Not just because this is something big for me, but also because a full week away from him makes me sad too. But with my injury and struggles to run the longer distances without a lot of pain everything was a lot harder this year and makes his company that much better.


After I finished for the day we drove up to Wray where there was an RV park where we could stay. I got stretched out a bit because I was in a lot of pin after running most of the 33 miles again today. We got cleaned up, met a new cat friend at the RV park and had a great meal of grill out food. After dinner we exported Wray which actually ended up being a very pretty town. Then it was time to head to bed because we were getting up extra early tomorrow to start before 6 am. 14 miles remaining then we have to drive all the way back to Denver to catch our flights. This adventure is almost done! And I made it to $13,000! So exciting! Thanks everyone!

Stay tuned for the last day tomorrow!!

Run/walk happy,
Nikki 🙂


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