Day TWO of Sement8!

Day 2: June 1
Today was definitely challenging and painful, but I feel like being a runner for so long I am getting better and better at dealing with it and just moving through it the best I can. I am very happy that mentally I am still feeling strong and motivated and like I won’t quit, even if physically my body hurts and wants to stop. But somehow I just keep going. If you asked me how I made it through when last night I could barely walk and 90% of today hurt I would not know how to answer you besides saying it just has to be done. People with MS can’t stop having MS because it hurts or makes their life harder, so I guess that’s what’s kept me going too.


I started off with about a mile walk to get my legs warmed up and moving. I was very stiff and sore so I needed that mile to walk it out. Then I started a combination of slow jogging with walk breaks. Kendra went forward 3 miles each time for me to stop and stretch a little and do whatever else I needed and then moved up 3 miles again. We did this from 7 am until 4:30 pm when I finally reached 33 miles. I ran more than I expected to, just very, very slowwww.

When I tell people I am running in Colorado they picture the mountains and all that beautiful scenery. Well, it is not quite like that this time. It is Colorado countryside, beautiful in its own way, kind of like Wisconsin countryside. After the first 2 miles or so I turned onto a two lane highway and I was on it for the rest of the day. And let me add it wasn’t a fun road, especially at the beginning because there was absolutely no shoulder and the first part had a decent amount of traffic, including semis. I was a bit nervous the whole first part of the day until finally by afternoon there was a tiny shoulder and less traffic.


Weather wise it started out perfect with overcast skies and a little chilly. By 6 miles in I was in a tank top and shorts however, and by early afternoon the clouds were more spread out and the sun started feeling a little bright. Even though Kendra was making me reapply sunscreen every time I saw her again (3 miles, all day…3 miles at a time) I could still feel my face burning. So then it was time to wear my hat I had thrown in. That helped a lot. Still got some sun and have random red tan lines even with all the layers of sunscreen though!

The pain was always there, but sometime it was dull and I would do a jog, and sometimes it was bad and I would stop jogging and walk a little ways. Cornelia was able to join me for a three mile walk around mile 24 when we found a good place to leave the RV, then Kendra finished the last 6 with me as a walk jog. It was good to have the company to distract me at the end. The last 9 miles would have been pretty rough on my own because I was getting sick of the sun, my feet were starting to hurt from being on them so long, and of course all the other aches and pains. But at 4:30 we reached the vehicle for the last time which meant we made all 33 miles again!!

It took awhile to go get the RV where we left it, hook up the car and then go find the RV park and get settled in. But the coolest thing happened when the ladies were setting up and I was stretching out by the car. I looked up and over towards the RV and I could have sworn I saw a cat!!! I thought I was hallucinating because I missed mine, so I got up to go see and sure enough! Kendra saw him too and he seemed friendly so I walked over and when he came towards me he let me scoop him up!! He loved the attention and getting petted. All evening every time I went back outside I would call him and he would meow and coming running for more love. We are staying here again tomorrow night so I will get to see him one more day! Yay!


For dinner we went out to eat with a local family who met the relay runner and crew 2 years ago and they have stayed in touch. It has been cool to meet some new people on this segment. Tomorrow morning someone is running with me for the first hour, I just hope I can keep up with her since I am moving pretty slow now… Hopefully someone to talk to will be a good distraction.

Day two is in the books, time for me to crash. 3:30 am when I woke up was a long time ago! And tomorrow I do it all again….thanks for following along!!

Run happy!

Nikki šŸ™‚


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