Traveling to Denver

May 30: traveling to Denver!

Yesterday was tough. I have been nervous for this run since back in January when I realized training would not be able to start on time due to my injury being bad enough that I could no longer ignore it. I figured I would start training in February instead… But it was still very painful and I was having trouble doing anything (including sitting at all) without pain. I was in a world of hurt and it was draining.
So I decided to spend the money ( I have a very high deductible insurance plan) and try the one thing I hadn’t yet: cortisone shots. Massage was no longer working and the half hour sessions I was squeezing in were so painful I could barely make it through them, so an hour was out of the question. Dry needling did not bring my relief so I didn’t know if I wanted to continue to pay $70 a session not knowing if it oils ever help. Yoga didn’t help and I was already bored of the classes at the studio I did a month trial at. The chiropractor helped my back pain some, but didn’t help the heart of the injury and was also getting expensive. So time to try the shots. The first one helped release some of my hamstring pain and tightness and the second one a few weeks latter helped my back pain! So I figured I could start training in April after that… Since then it was always something that was making it hard or impossible.

So here I am, the morning I start and I never got the chance to train because my boy apparently hates me. And it is going to hate me again really soon….but it must be done. At least to the best of my ability without crippling myself hopefully. It was really hard and emotional to leave home yesterday. I fought tears the whole way to the airport and once Bryan dropped me off and left I had to hide in the bathroom for awhile and cry. I am so scared of this week! Last year it hurt, but in the way I expected because I trained and my body was ready. This year my body has lost all strength and endurance for running over the past 6 months and it is going to be a huge shock to my system. How’s that going to feel???!! Not too good I’m guessing…

But here we are. In a few hours I will be starting. For a good cause. $12,600 raised so far. These are all good things. One foot in front of the other. One last time, for 6 days straight. I can do this…maybe?! I try to be positive but the nagging fear is always in the back of my mind telling me to be realistic… I may fail. But I did not fail at fundraising and that would definitely be harder to accept. So there is that…

So all I have to say is that nothing went as planned this year. But here I am… And even though I have no idea what to expect, I will do what I can…one step at a time, for those with MS! #msruntheus #segment8 #curems

Run (or walk!) happy, ❤️
Nikki runner #8!!


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