Thank You to Week 5’s Awesome Sponsors!

Week 5: February 1-7

Total Sponsorship Amount: $40

Total amount donated by the sponsors:   $120

Current Fundraising Total:  $9,500+

I am so happy that it is February!  And I am at one month off of running to let my injury heal and less than a month until I can give it a try and hope for the best!  And of course, I am just happy that one full month of winter is done, and one month closer to spring!  I was pretty bummed out this past week because the weather was warmer and all I wanted to do was be able to go out and run and enjoy it.   But the week ended good with my birthday being Friday and getting to hang out with a lot of awesome people, so that helped my mood lift. It was a great night, and I had so much fun with everyone who came out to celebrate and hang out with me.  I am so lucky to have so many awesome people in my life!

I also signed up for a month at the new yoga studio, Yoga Six, and I am really hoping that some hard core yoga will loosen up all my tight areas and help me run again.  Cross your fingers for me!   I feel like I have tried everything and nothing is working, but hopefully this will!  Even if it doesn’t heal me completely, I can already tell after two classes that it is doing some good.  I can feel some of my tightness loosening up, which will hopefully over time, decrease my pain when I start training again. 🙂   YAY YOGA!!

Sponsor #1: Jake Daniels

Jake is a new sponsor this year and I am very excited for his support.  I met Jake this summer when he started working at Anytime Fitness.  He started training with Simon and Aarika, and all of a sudden we went from one club manager to having three for awhile!  After Simon was done, Aarika and Jake took on the job together with the intention of one of them going to the manage the new gym on Water Street when the time came.   Once Water Street was closer to opening they, Jake started spending time getting that ready with the owner because he was going to manage that club.  So I have not seen him on a regular basis since about October.  However, I am excited to be able to be able to see him weekly now that I have started teaching a Tuesday night class at his club. 🙂

Besides being a club manager, Jake is also working on a line of workout clothes.  I will not go into details because I do not know enough about it, but I have heard some about it from him and our other coworkers, Billy and Chelsea.  They both have some of it and I really like it.  I will definitely be buying some when it is available to do so 🙂  So stay tuned for that!  Jake is also very active, especially in lifting.  He did his first body building competition this fall and placed pretty good overall.   I love Jake’s positive attitude and inspirational posts on Facebook.  I see them pop up in my news feed on a regular basis and it is always about him working hard to get what he wants out of life.   He is dedicated to his workouts and being healthy, which is always helpful when being a club manager, because members see him working hard outside of work.  Keep up with good work Jake!   I am very thankful to have such great support from my coworkers when it comes to my goal of fundraising to help those with MS and make a difference.  I am lucky to have such a great group of people to surround myself with!  Thank you so much for your donation Jake!!  Every week I am getting closer to my goal thanks to friends like you!


Sponsor #2: Marcas Bunton

Marcas is a returning sponsor who I am excited to introduce again.  The cool part about Marcas is that last year HE sought ME out and asked about being a sponsor, rather than the other way around.  And this year when I asked him if he wanted to sponsor one more time, he agreed without hesitation!  Why is this so awesome?  Well as a person who is in their second year in a row of raising $10,000 for charity, I have learned that you have to do a lot of asking for money.  Obviously.  But what I mean is, this is not easy.  One of the hardest things for me is to go around asking people for money all the time.  You may be asking why I am doing this then?  Well, just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.  It takes me out of my comfort zone on a regular basis, but I always remind myself, I am not asking for money for ME, I am asking for money to HELP OTHERS.  So it is of course for a good reason.  And the worse thing that can happen is someone is going to say no to me, which I can totally handle because you don’t know until you try.  That is why it is SO AWESOME when someone just donates without me even asking, or in the case of Marcas, comes up to me and asked how he can help. WOW!!! Talk about instantly liking this guy and thinking he is an amazing, generous person!  I was so excited! So thank you for making my day back then Marcas, and continuing to do so with your donation for year two!

Like Jake, Marcas is also into body building and very successful at it.  If they do not yet know each other, they should because they have a lot in common (look at me trying to connect new friends!) Unfortunately I do not see Marcas often anymore at the gym (we met at Anytime when he used to work out there often) because he has been working out at a different gym where he is doing some personal training as a side job.  Which is great for him!  He would make a kick ass trainer!  Thank you for helping me be successful for another year of fundraising Marcas!!  I hope to run into you again in the future, stop by for a visit sometime. 🙂  Happy training and continue to kick ass!



Sponsor #3: Alyssa Dahmer

Alyssa is another new sponsor this year, because I just met her this past summer when she became a new client of mine.  I liked her instantly.  She is just one of those awesome personalities who you just can’t help but enjoy from the second you meet her.  she is easy to talk to, bubbly and energetic, dedicated to her goals, and a very caring person.   When I first told her about my run and what I had done last year, and what I hoped to do again this year, she was immediately interested in hearing more and showed her support.   She especially thought it was cool that I was in Colorado again, because she used to live there when she was younger.   Alyssa started training to get that little extra push.  She has big goals to get back in shape and start feeling healthier overall.  She is a hard worker and never complains about a tough workout.  She has made big gains in the 6 months that she has been training at Anytime!

Besides being a sponsor of the week Alyssa has also helped out with my fundraising by donating a raffle item for the AJ Bombers event, as well as showing up (despite her busy school week!) to both help me get set us, as well as have a signature drink, which is the same as making a donation in my mind. 🙂  I also had a ton of fun getting to hang out with her this past weekend at Hooligan’s for my birthday.  Thank you so much for coming Alyssa!!  Tons of fun!

alyssa 1

Alyssa just finished getting her M.S. in Educational Psychology this pasts December at UW Milwaukee.  She is currently busy applying for jobs to start her new career.  She really hopes to stay in this area because she loves it here, but she is open to wherever the road may lead her to get a job and start using her skills.  She is also previously from Iowa, and her family still resides there.  She is a big fan of Iowa collage football. 🙂   Thank you so much for all your help this fundraising year Alyssa!  I appreciate everything you have done to show your support and help me get to my goal.  I look forward to our sessions each and every week! 🙂  Keep up the good work!




Want to be featured as a sponsor of the week!? I am still looking for a few more!  Let me know if you would like to help!  Or just want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting the following link!

Also, feel free to visit the MS Run the US homepage!

Have a great week everyone!  Happy February!  Finally!!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

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Thank You Week 4 Sponsors!

Week 4: January 25-31

Total Sponsorship Amount: $35

Total amount donated by the sponsors:   $115

Current Fundraising Total:  $9,467+  Yipeee!!!!

Week 4 already?!  Wow! Time flies! Well, it does when I am sitting down to write another weekly post, but not so much mid week when I am working super long days and spend hours out in the cold each day.  But you know how that goes.  It’s winter, the days themselves draaagggg because of the cold and darkness, but time overall goes too quick!  This week I once again walked a TON, but I also have tried to increase my time on the elliptical so that when I can start trying to run again I at least have done something besides just walk all day.  I also got a very painful massage, trying to loosen some super tight muscles up so that the pain will lesson.  Crossing my fingers… I go for another one in two weeks.  Besides that, just trying my best to stay positive that everything will work out in the end with my big run.  One day at a time…

Hope everyone has a great week! 🙂


Sponsor #1: Renae Budd

This is the second year that Renae has been one of my awesome sponsors!  I met Renae through my 200 hour yoga certification that I did in 2013-2014 in LaCrosse where I went to college.  I traveled there once a month for 10 different months to complete this course, and she was one of my classmates.  So we got to spend almost 200 hours together learning everything we could about yoga.  The yoga cert ended in October of 2014, so we have not seen each other regularly like we used to.  However, this past summer she was in town visiting another of our yoga friends and the three of us got to get together and do dinner here in Milwaukee.  So it was good to get the chance to catch up on each others lives.  Since then my main updates are on Facebook, which is how I keep track of all my distant friends since I don’t get out of this area very often.

Renae is a great yoga teacher.  She just has the presence that you need for yoga.  She has the soothing tone of voice and is way more knowledgeable in her practice than I am.  She has a background in different types of massage and is very in tune with the human body, which is what makes her a strong yoga teacher.  I learned a lot from having her as a classmate.  I wish I was closer to take her yoga class, it would help keep me inspired, which I have been struggling with the last several months when my running injuries and tight, sore muscles started to effect my yoga as well.   Besides yoga, Renae also enjoys doing some running herself and she has done several races since I have known her, as well as at least one big triathlon.

Thank you so much Renae for donating again this year and continuing to support me from afar since we do not get to see each other often!   I hope we will get the opportunity to do so again in the future!!


The yoga crew in LAX!


Renae 🙂

Sponsor #2: John McGreal

John is also a returning sponsor, as well as a really great friend of mine.  I have known John for 2 years now! If I remember correctly I started training him in January of 2014 at Anytime, and I feel like we became friends right away.  John and I have shared many good times over the last two years since we met at Anytime.  He has been to every big event in my life over the past 2 years, such as my birthday get together, New Years, fundraising events (Karma, 60 mile run-a-thon, marathon relay, AJ Bombers….), running club, and just a fun weekend out.  I have also been there for several of his fun events, such as his last two birthdays.  Fun times we have shared!! If someone were to ask me who some of my closest friends are, John would be one of the first names I would mention.  He is funny, caring, giving, fun, smart and reliable.  I could ask him for help and he would come running.  John works for Alabama (the college) and over the last 6 months has gotten a promotion/new job title and responsibilities, which does not surprise me because he is awesome at everything he does.   John was not only the sponsor this week, but he gave more than the $35 he signed up for.  How awesome!  I thank you sooo much John for the many donations you have made over the last year and a half for this cause I have dedicated myself to!  🙂  People like you have made this all possible, all I did was organize an run a lot of miles.   Thank you and see you soon friend!


Sponsor #3:  Cory Wellens

This is Cory’s first year as a sponsor of the week, but not his first contribution to the cause!  Last year he was one of the many people who showed up to the event we planned at Karma (which is coming up again this year March 10th!  Stay tuned for an invite which I will be creating soon! Yipee!) and tipped for MS.  That fundraiser raised over $1,100 last year and it was great to have Cory come show his support!  As many of my friends, I met Cory at Anytime Fitness where he is a regular.  I see him there at least 4, if not more, times per week and whenever I am not with a client he stops and chats with me.   We h ave talked about training and his interest in being a trainer and what I did to get my certification, his interest in Advocare, running, and of course my fundraising.  I am glad he is still around to chat with, because he was planning to move to Florida a couple months ago, but since that fell through, he is waiting for the right opportunity to move somewhere warmer.   Like many of us, he finds the winters here to be long and tough, especially since he loves to be able to run and do other activities outside.  Cory also gave more than he needed to this week, giving $40 rather than the $35.  AWESOME! Every little bit helps so much and we are ALMOST THERE!! 🙂

Thank you Cory for your support and being a sponsor this year!  I hope to see you again this year at Karma if you are free!  And the good news is we have one month of winter done!  It’ll be spring before you know it. 🙂


I just want to stress again that the real difference is made by people like John, Renae and Cory, as well as every single person (I’d say close to 200 or more!) who has donated in the last 18 months!  I LOVE organizing events, running and doing the things that people think are kind of crazy, but the real difference is YOU as a donar!

Want to be featured as a sponsor of the week!? I am still looking for more!  Let me know if you would like to help!  Or just want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting the following link!

Also, feel free to visit the MS Run the US homepage!

Have a great week everyone!  Happy 2016!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! :)

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website!

Thank you Week 3 Sponsors!

Week 3: January 18th-24th

Total Sponsorship Amount: $32

Total amount donated by the sponsors:   $64

Current Fundraising Total:  $9,342

Brrr!  This is the part of the year that gets rough.   Last year I was running outside in it, no matter how cold.  This year I am walking, which is way worse because you never really get moving fast enough to warm the body up.  So instead I wear like 10 layers.  I also had an appointment with my physical therapist about my injury, and this upcoming week I have a massage scheduled.  I hope these things every couple of weeks will help speed up my healing.  The PT, Dr. Rossman and I think there are two different things going on, but most likely one causes the other and vice versa.  I have the upper hamstring tendinitis, as well as something going on with my paraformis and gluteus minimus, or one of those glute muscles.  *Sigh*  No idea how long it will take to loosen up, un-inflame and stop causing too much pain to run though (or sit, which also causes a LOT of discomfort.)  One week at a time and a lot of prayers that 8 weeks is enough time off….

So that is the injury update, now on to the more important and less depressing part, our sponsors!!! 🙂  Each couple donated $32, for another $64 increase this week.  Thank you soo much you four!!

Sponsor #1:  Sara VanMeter & Chris Patnaude

I have known Sara since I first started working at the gym in February of 2013, because she was someone I started training right away after I started.   Back then I had the pleasure of training Sara two times per week.  When I first met her, she owned her own franchise of a Gloria Jeans coffee at one of the area malls.   This was a stressful job and as any business owner knows, a LOT more than 40 hours a week (especially over the holidays!)  As a person who got to spend time with Sara twice weekly, I got to follow along with her journey and her goals to move on from the coffee business and pursue a different dream.  Sara sold her coffee shop a little over a year ago.   Since then we started training once a week, and now we check in every six weeks.  This is because Sara is following her dream of going back to school and follow a new path.  She is doing a 2 year program  in landscape horticulture at MATC.  She is one semester in and got a 4.0 and starts her second semester this week!  Go Sara!! 🙂  It takes a lot of courage to completely change career paths after one is established.  I did it too when I switched to training from teaching.  It was a scary step!  But so worth it. 🙂

Chris is Sara’s husband (married for a year and several months now!) who I know through Sara obviously. 🙂  I have hung out with him a couple times, seen him at the gym working out and I run into him every so often at Whole Foods where he works.  I always enjoy chatting with him when I see him.

Thank you Chris and Sara for your generosity and giving to my cause this week!  Your support is awesome and it is because of friends like you that I am sooo close to my $10,000 goal!!

Sponsor #2:  Alli Mastel & Reid Wersak

Alli is also a client of mine, and Reid is her boyfriend.  Both of them moved into my building last summer, so this summer we were able to grill out together a couple times, which is one of my favorite things to do in the summer!  Alli has been a client of mine for a year and almost four months.   I currently train her once a week.  She was Jen’s client and then started working with me when Jen left to be a stay at home mom.  Alli also comes to classes sometimes, and she has attended a handful of the charity yoga classes I have taught for MS.  Her and Reid are awesome about showing up to other events I have held to help raise money for MS, such as the AJ Bombers event in December.   They are have been very supportive over the last year and a half that I have been a part of MS Run the US.

Alli is very dedicated to trying to be as healthy as she can be and meet her goals.  She and Reid often get up early and head to the gym before they both go to work.  Then Alli will sometimes come back for training with me after work, or to do a class or two a week.  She works hard in all her sessions and I never thing twice about putting her through a super tough workout, because I know she will never complain.  She also enjoys doing some running when she can, and when her knee isn’t giving her a tough time.

I can’t wait until it is nice out and we can do some grilling out again!  Thank you Alli and Reid for your support and generosity once again.  You two are awesome! 🙂



Thank you so much to Sara, Chris, Alli and Reid for your donations this week!!

Want to be featured as a sponsor of the week!? I am still looking for more!  Let me know if you would like to help!  Or just want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting the following link!

Also, feel free to visit the MS Run the US homepage!

Have a great week everyone! Stay warm!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! :)

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website!

Thank you to Week 2’s Amazing Sponsors!

Week 2: January 11th- 17th

Total Sponsorship Amount: $30 each

Total amount donated by the sponsors:   $90

Current Fundraising Total:  $9,200!!! Almost there!!

The donations are coming in and the overall total is growing!  WE ARE ALMOST THERE!  It is such a great feeling to know we are going to CRUSH the $10,000 mark this year!  I still have OVER 30 sponsors who will be making a donation of $32 or more dollars over the next 5 months, which will bring the total WAY over $10k.  I also hope to do the Karma fundraiser again because it was a lot of fun to get people together for a night out to dinner for a good cause, and it was a big success.  So between those two big things, I really think I will be able to beat my fundraising total from last year of $12,250!

When I decided to do the relay and raise the money again a second year, I was most worried about the fundraising again.  Now I am seeing that the fundraising part was the easy part because I learned so much from doing it last year.  Heartbreaking for me to admit, the running part has turned out to be the tough part this year. 😦  There is not a single moment of any day since I had to stop running due to my hamstring injury that I don’t hear this little voice in my head tormenting me…”WHAT IF YOU FAIL?”  and “You are going to let EVERYONE down…” AHHH! 😦  The voice is always there… I hope and pray I can prove it wrong and do what I set out to do, what I have worked so hard fundraising for:  180 miles in 7 days… Time will tell… But for now the focus stays on the VERY important goal of raising the money to make a difference in the lives of those with MS and healing my hamstring.

This week I introduce to you three sponsors- one a returning sponsor from last year (Alvin) and two brand new sponsors this year: Aarika and Julia!  They have each donated $30 and helped bring the total over $9,000! Thank you sooo much you three!!  Your kindness helps make such a difference for those with MS! One day there will be a cure and it will be thanks to all of the awesome people like you out there who give to this cause! 🙂

Sponsor #1: Aarika Milykovik

I have known Aarika for almost 6 months now.  She started working at Anytime this past summer and I have the pleasure of working with her and seeing her 6 days a week at work. 🙂  She is GREAT at being club manager and I do not feel that she gets enough credit.  I think she does an amazing job and I try to let her know.  I have been at Anytime for almost 3 years now and I have been around 3 club managers now (Jake and Jen I will combine into one because I only worked with each of them for a small amount of time) and I think she has been a great addition to our club.  She signs up a majority of the people who come into the club.  She brings new ideas and makes the gym feel more welcoming.  I look forward to seeing and talking to her each day and consider her a good friend.  It is great to have her support with my MS fundraising, and it makes me smile to see her wearing one of the MS Run the US awareness bracelets.

Thanks Aarika for being a great boss, coworker, friend and for giving on Giving Tuesday, showing your support by wearing the MS bracelet and of course being the sponsor of the week this week!  🙂  I enjoy our work chats so much! AND if you didn’t already know it, you do an amazing job as club manager!!



Sponsor #2:  Alvin Arzaga

Alvin was a sponsor of the week last year as well.  He is a long time Anytime member and I have known him from the gym since I started almost 3 years ago.  Whenever I am not busy with a client and he is there working out, he always stops to chat and see how I am doing.   Alvin works at the Jewish Community Center down the road and always fits his workout in around work.  He has a fiance, who I met briefly once when we crossed paths on the East side several months back.   He is a good motivator and over the years has gotten many of his friends and coworkers to start working out at the gym.  I am honored that he once again is supporting me in my journey to raise $10,000+ for MS!  Thank you BOTH year 1 and year 2’s donation Alvin, I know you will always have my back!! 🙂



Sponsor #3: Julia Rizzi

Julia has been a client of mine for over a year now.  When I started training with her I trained her twice per month and now I have the please of training her weekly, which I enjoy very much! I look forward to our sessions so I can ask her about her week and catch up.  She has many hobbies outside of staying active and work that I enjoy hearing about, such as her art and her choir that she sings in.  She works at Paper Source and was able to help get a raffle item from the store for my AJ Bombers silent auction fundraiser.  She, also being a great artist, may paint something for a future raffle at Karma, which I am super excited about!   I am so glad that I know Julia, she is such a sweet, caring and fun personality.  She is one of the good examples of why I am lucky to be a personal trainer and get the opportunity to work  with awesome people, while helping them meet their goals.  Julia is one of those clients who is good about doing her homework and getting in for her own workouts throughout the week outside of her session.  She has made awesome progress since she started her sessions with Jen (who she trained with before me).

Thank you so much for your donation, help with the raffle item at AJ Bombers, stopping in for a specialty drink that night, and for your support in general Julia!  🙂


Thank you so much to Aarika, Alvin and Julia for your kindness and adding another $90 to the fundraising total this week!  You are the best. 🙂

Want to be featured as a sponsor of the week!? I am still looking for more!  Let me know if you would like to help!  Or just want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting (or clicking on) the following link!

Also, feel free to visit the MS Run the US homepage!

Have a great week everyone!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! :)

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website!

MS Run Week #1- Thank You Sponsors!

Week 1: January 4-10th

Total Sponsorship Amount: $25 each

Total amount donated by the sponsors:   $75!

Current Fundraising Total:  $8,780!

Well, it is officially 2016, which means another year of the relay will start in a few months.  18 of us will take turns to travel the 3,100 miles on foot across the United States, from L.A. to New York over about 4 months time. This mission has a bigger purpose than just running, and that is to fundraise and raise awareness for MS.  I started focusing on the fundraising back in September because I wanted to get a good start before the  new year even got here.  It has gone better than I could have ever imagined and I am only about $1,200 away from the $10,000 minimum I wanted to get to.  Maybe it will be the year of a new record after all!  Last year I ended up with over $12,000.  Bigger is always better in the case of giving to charity!! So here is to a BIGGER 2016!!

Training is a bit on hold, which I am NOT happy about… but I have been fighting a nagging hamstring pain for months now, that I kind of ignored in order to get through my fall races, such as the New York Marathon.  Now it is really mad at me, and despite taking it VERY easy in December and only running a handful of time, it is still angry.  I did some research and I think I have upper hamstring tendinitis, which is strictly a running overuse injury, and takes some time to heal. 😦  So my training plan will need to be pushed back, but fundraising must go on, that is the most important part of this whole thing!  I truly do believe we are helping make a HUGE difference and that one day, together, we WILL cure MS!  So I will continue to do everything in my power to heal up, and be ready to do my best to run segment #8 at the beginning of June.  Luckily, I still have time.

Now I want to introduce the sponsors this week: Beth Bergan, Kristina Paris and Michele Goldstein.  Thank you so much for the support!  🙂

Sponsor #1:  Beth Bergan

Beth has been a client of mine for over a year and a half now.  Maybe even close to 2 years, but I lose track of time so I am not sure the exact month we started working together at Anytime Fitness.  She is another one of my clients that I consider a friend and I enjoy the opportunity to catch up with her on our lives each week, while helping guide her to meet her goals.  Beth is a 2nd grade teacher, and her days are busy and the kids can be stressful and tiring.  I used to be a teacher, so I know the constant battle of keeping motivated after a long day.   But Beth is committed to eating healthy and knows how important it is to stay active.  She has made big gains over the past year and a half.  I look forward to continuing to help her meet her goals in 2016.  And her being the awesome and giving friend she is, she is helping me meet mine by making a donation to MS Run the US and helping me reach $10k!  Thank you so much Beth!  You are awesome and I am glad we are friends.


Beth (Right)

Sponsor #2: Kristina Paris

I have not personally met Kristina, but she is a friend of my “fundraising side-kick Dan”, as I now refer to him. 🙂  He helps spread the word about my MS fundraising goals and I would never have gotten where I am without him help, support and spreading the word to his friends.  Dan first met Kristina at the 2014 Chardi Kala 6K race, where she was representing an anti-violence campaign.  After meeting her Dan got interested in her cause as well.  Her most joyful experiences have involved playing and teaching classical and Irish flute, rounding out a busy life of managing a non-profit office, book-keeping, and a slew of volunteer projects!

Dan has gone to Kristina for advice for our silent auction at AJ Bombers, because she has had success doing this type of fundraising in the past.  She has been a great mentor and always willing to pass on some good advice.   It is very kind of her to give to my fundraiser even though we have not officially met.  Thank you so much for your generosity Kristina and helping me on my way to reaching $10k for MS Run the US!

Sponsor #3: Michele Goldstein

Michele is another friend of Dan’s, but I got the pleasure of meeting her at the AJ Bombers event last month.  Enjoying the interaction, she went table-to-table at the AJ Bombers event selling raffle tickets!  I did not even know exactly who she was at first and she walked up to me and said she would help.  She was a wonderful help, and since I was trying to do about 5 things at once, I was not doing a very good job at selling auction tickets.  She stepped in and saved the day!  When my parents arrived to the event and to eat dinner, they got to eat with Dan, his wife Val, and Michele.  They told me later how much they enjoyed their dinner with new friends.  I wish I would have gotten to talk to her more, but I am so thankful for her help and the opportunity to put a face to the name of one of the sponsors this week.  It was very awesome and kind for her to not only show up at my event, but to offer to help out as well! 🙂  Thank you for helping the event be a success Michele!

A little more about Michele, she retired from a long career in nonprofit management, and remains active with the League of Women Voters and other charitable activities.  Thank you so much for your donation this week!

Thanks again to these three wonderful sponsors this week!  Stay tuned for 3 more next week!! 🙂

Want to be featured as a sponsor of the week!? I am still looking for more!  Let me know if you would like to help!  Or just want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting the following link!

Also, feel free to visit the MS Run the US homepage!

Have a great week everyone!  Happy 2016!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! :)

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website!