Happy Hour at AJ Bombers

Wow, what a night!!!  This is the second bigger event I have organized in the last year for MS Run the US, the first being Karma last February.  I was amazed at how well Karma did, bringing in a lot more than I had hoped for at $1,100.  I am ecstatic to say that this one BLEW that out of the water, bringing in OVER $3,000!!  I was hoping for just beating that $1,100! WOW!!

There were so many people who came and went, stayed most of the time, just popped in to say Hi and have a drink, brought friends, helped in some way, I completely lost track of how many people made an appearance.  I could NOT have done this event without several people who were a BIG help.  First is my sidekick and fundraising partner Dan Stefanich.  He helps me with all my fundraising ideas, invites friends of his own, helps me stay organized, helps in any way possible.  He is the best!  Second, was my amazing bartender, Betsey!  I would not have been able to be host, say hi to people, sell tickets, explain the auction and drink special, etc. if I would have been behind the bar the whole time.  She pretty much took over right away and was a very fast and efficient drink maker.  Which was awesome because we sold a LOT of the specialty drink!!

Thanks also to those who helped me get set up before the event started, such as my friend Paulette, Sam Glasford and Alyssa.  Also to Bryan who helped me get everything there, and Tom for bringing extra tables, which saved the silent auction and pretty much made it possible.  Then of course anyone who donated something to raffle off!  Almost every single thing got bid on!  I was so worried I would come home with SO much STUFF!  I came home with hardly anything!  It was amazing! 🙂

Thanks to family who showed up, such as my Mom and Dad- especially since it was my Dad’s birthday that day and that may not have been his ideal birthday evening.  Also the Rynder’s family- Sandy and Jack, who are like my other family. 🙂

aj bombers1

Then of course to all my friends who showed their support!  So awesome to have so many great people in my life!!  There are too many to name, but you know who you are and it was so great to have you be a part of it!  I hope you had a good time and will join me for any future charity events that I hold for MS (or anything else that is a good cause!)

aj bombers

With this $3,000+, what I already had in my fundraising site, the $2,000 of this that is getting MATCHED (YIPEEE!!!) and other things I have done such as #GivingTuesday, Charity yoga, etc. I should be over $7,500 by the end of the year!  I cannot believe it!  Even better than last year!!  And here I was worried that this year I may not make my goal!  Think again Nikki!! 🙂  $10,000 here we come!! Thank you!!!!!!

Also! Congrats to the big ticket winners!  Jen Lange won the case of wine and Michael Kuhagen won the wine rack!  Awesome!  Thanks to everyone who bought tickets!

Couldn’t make it but still want to donate?  It is NEVER too late!  Support this great cause by donating here!  Thank you! 🙂  #CureMS!


Thanks again for an amazing and successful night everyone!

Run Happy! 🙂


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