Thank You Week 13 Sponsors!

Week 13:  March 30th- April 5th

Total miles this week: 94 minimum

Total amount donated by the sponsors:   $200

Last week was a tough one, with half the week feeling pretty low energy on my runs.  Never fun, always frustrating.  By my run Friday I finally started to feel a little better.  At least enough to not feel like the run was total torture, like most of the other days early that week.  I had to run 7 out of 7 days to get my miles in, but the last day was luckily very short (1.5 miles to hit 75 for the week), so it barely counted.  This week is my highest mileage week of training up until the week I actually run out in Utah and Colorado.  So once this week is past, the rest won’t seem so bad.  Just hoping for good energy and less sore legs this week to help me through.  This will be the highest mileage week that I have ever run in my life so far.  I’m up for the challenge!! 🙂

Now I want to introduce the two sponsors this week: Colleen and Pat!  Thanks to them we have another $200 for MS Run the US!  Thank you so much for the support!  🙂

Sponsor #1: Colleen Gunther

Colleen has been a regular client of mine over the two years I have worked at Anytime Fitness.  We try to meet for a session 1 to 2 times per week depending on both our busy schedules.  I have always enjoyed our sessions together and learning more about Colleen’s two boys and hearing all the stories she has about her busy life and schedule. I was worried about finding someone to sponsor my highest mileage training week but Colleen’s generosity eased my stress this winter as I was looking for two sponsors for every week.  It is such a great feeling to be able to surround myself daily with such giving people such as Colleen and everyone else who is helped me reach my goal of $10,000 for MS Run the US.  She also came to my March charity yoga class and brought two friends along!  She never fails to ask how my training and fundraising is going when I see her for training sessions.  Thank you so much for your donation Colleen!  I hope you know how much I enjoy out training sessions and chatting with you each week!

colleen G

Sponsor #2: Pat Butler

I met Pat when he became a client of mine during the summer of 2013.  I trained him 2 times per week through that summer and into the fall until his knees made it so he had to stop training.  Pat has had a hard year or so with needing surgery on both knees because they were pretty much bone on bone and causing him a lot of discomfort.  Instead of continuing training he has had to work with a physical therapist to recover from the two surgeries he had only 6 months or so apart from each other.  Even though I don’t see Pat regularly at the gym anymore, we have stayed in touch over the past year and a half since we had to stop training together at the gym.  We call each other at least once a month or so, and we have gotten together for a glass a red wine and a good chat this past January.  We plan to try to do the same thing again soon because we have a lot of catching up to do!  Pat has been a great supporter of my fundraising for MS.  He donated $100 for my Run-a-Thon in October and another $106 for this weeks sponsorship.  He knows a friend who has MS so it is a cause close to his heart.  He is also one of the nicest people I know, and I am thankful for his friendship.  I unfortunately do not have a picture of Pat to share.  Thank you so much for supporting me and helping me meet my fundraising goal Pat! Let’s get together for some wine soon. 🙂

Thank you Pat and Colleen for the support and donating another $200 between the two of you for MS Run the US!

Want to make a donation?

Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting the following link!

Also, feel free to visit the MS Run the US homepage!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! :)

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website!


Week 12 (6th Week of Ultra-Training) Training Log!

March 23rd-29th

Miles: 75  Donations: $150

Monday–  Not having a good day.  Feeling off, tried, crabby and just blah.  Couldn’t get myself up to run before work like I wanted to.  So I snuck in a quick 4.5 miles after my morning shift and before I had to go walk dogs.  It felt awful.  It was the worst run I’ve had in probably 6 months or more.  My head wasn’t in it, my legs felt tired and achy, and it was a lot of effort to even finish it.   Definitely not the best start to the week… Hoping for better tomorrow.

Tuesday-  Woke up super early and couldn’t sleep. 😦  Stayed in bed for a bit then gave up and decided to go for a run (at 3:30 a.m….yikes…) rather than wasting time being frustrated at not sleeping.  I ended up getting 10 miles in by 5:00 a.m.  My injury on my left side is a bit flared up today, which is annoying. I taught yoga at 6:15, had clients until 10:00 and then headed home to get ready for another run.  I made it 7 on that one but it was not a great run.  Was in pain and ran out of energy the last couple miles.  Glad it is done.  17 done for the day.  Makes me feel better about yesterday not going well.

Wednesday–   Another low energy day… Getting very sick of them.  Only had time to squeeze in a short run.  Only made it 4 miles and it was the longest 4 miles ever.  Every step seemed to take so much effort, unlike usual when running is effortless for me.  Very frustrating.  Week 12 into training.. guess this is a sign that my body is getting a little worn down from so many miles.  One day at a time.. one mile at a time.  Praying I feel better the rest of the week.  A lot of miles still to do by the end of the day Sunday.

Thursday–  10 mile run today.  It is a bit chilly with the wind again. I can’t wait until it is back in the 50’s.  Perfect running weather.  I still felt tired today, and had some pain where my nagging injury on my left side flairs up.  But I pushed through and got my 10 in this morning.  A little worried about tomorrow, which is my super long day.  Hoping for more energy and no pain.  I am dog sitting my favorite dog Stash.  He did a mile with me at the beginning of my run.  I am excited to take him for short runs and have some company. 🙂

My little running buddy for the next 5 days.  :)

My little running buddy for the next 5 days. 🙂

Friday–  The plan was to do my really long run today, but when I woke up early to do it it had snowed, it was icy, cold and windy and I decided screw it.  Not gonna happen.  So I went back to bed and instead I went out to Waukesha in the afternoon, where my parents live, to do some hill work.  I have been meaning to do this for awhile.  It  is time to stop putting it off.  So I did 8 miles with of rolling hills in my parents neighborhood.  It was good practice and a killer run.

Saturday–  2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon- which was originally going to be done yesterday… Got up at 4:30 a.m. in hopes of being able to handle the cold before sunrise.  I was able to do it, and since it wasn’t very windy the cold wasn’t too much of a problem.  A beautiful morning!  All felt good until the last mile or so when my hamstring started to feel like it was ripping apart.  Not a fun pain.  I have it often at the end of long runs these days.  Boo! 😦  But I  made it!  15.1 miles in right around 2 hours.

Starting at 10:15 a.m. I started my second 2 hour run with Bryan and Hans from Anytime for running club.  Bryan went 5 with us and Hans went 14.5 so I only had to do a half mile on my own which was awesome!!!  Got another 15 miles in for a total of 30 for the day.  The last couple miles were very painful, but that’s to be expected with my hip and hamstring issues.  Only a mile and a half shake out run tomorrow to get to my 75 for the week! 🙂

march 28

Sunday–  1.5 miles with Stash the dog and a lift at the gym.  Legs were pretty sore and tired, thank goodness it was a very short run!  It would have been very challenging to go much farther than the short run I had to do to complete my weekly miles!

Total miles run this week: 75

Catch ya next week!


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Excited to Introduce Week 12’s AWESOME Sponsors! :)

Week 12:  March 23rd- March 29th

Total miles this week: 75

Total amount donated by the sponsors:   $150

Last week was so nice with three days off from running and only 50 miles total to run!  I made it through my first 30 mile day last Thursday, and now that is going to be a weekly thing for me, which is a daunting thought!  But it went better than I expected and I was only a little sore the next day, so by the time I do it again this week it should be no big deal. 🙂  My legs should be fresh going into this next stretch of several VERY tough weeks in a row (goodbye social life…)  This week ramps up again to 75 miles and then next week is my highest week of training at 94 miles.  I am a bit nervous about that one… But one week at a time, one day at a time, one step at a time.  I got this. 🙂

Now I want to introduce the two sponsors this week: Zach and Mary!   Thanks to them we have another $150 for MS Run the US!  Thank you so much for the support, both through your friendship and your donation!

Sponsor #1: Zach Kopplin

I have known Zach for almost 2 years when I started training him at Anytime Fitness in 2013.  Since then we have become good friends, through yoga, running and biking.  He moved to the Chicago area last fall and he is greatly missed here by me and other friends of ours!  I miss seeing him on a weekly basis and talking running, training and life.  We have done a handful of races together, including 5ks, duathalons, half marathons, the Ragnar Relay… and many more to come!  So excited!!   It has been so fun for me to see Zach get into running and racing and his improvements over the past year since he started really getting into racing has been amazing!  He has dropped his average pace in training runs, improved in his race times and continued to share his desire to push himself even farther.  Its no wonder we get along so well… We are very similar that way. 😉  I am also excited to say that Zach is soon going to be training for his first full marathon which he will be competing in this upcoming fall.  We are also super excited to be doing an ultra Ragnar on the same team this summer in the Minneapolis area.  So many fun running adventures to look forward to!  Thank you for being a great friend, as well as being supportive of my current running adventure by being a sponsor of the week Zach!  I appreciate it so much and I am lucky to have a friend like you!  I am so proud of your running accomplishments and how far you have come over the past couple years!  Keep up the good work and keep kicking ass! 🙂

zach 1

Pewaukee Du!


Pewaukee 5k!

zach 2

Quad Cities

Sponsor #2: Mary Kirschbaum

Mary is one of my favorite people and I treasure my relationship with her.  I met her when I was a teacher in Beaver Dam and taught classes at the YMCA which she was a member of.  We bonded over running right when we met.   She started coming to my Pilates classes and we became fast friends.  Over the years that I lived in Beaver Dam she became my mom away from home.  I still refer to her as my “Beaver Dam Mom” to this day.  I try to make it back to BD at least ever 4-6 months to see her.  I do not miss my life as a teacher, but I do miss some of the awesome people I met during those 4 years of my life, such as Mary.  She is one of the sweetest, most supportive, caring and loving individuals I know.  I look up to her so much.  She is a great runner and we have logged so many miles together over the years.  She has been there for me through many different transitional periods of my life, including when I switched careers and went through a heart-breaking break up. She has been there for many of my big accomplishments such as running my best marathon time (West Bend, 2010, 3:06.44) and running 50 miles in one day to raise money for MS back in 2009.  And now she is showing her support once again by being one of my sponsors of my training miles for my segment for MS Run the US.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being like a Mom to me and always being there for me when it matters.  I love you so much.  I wish I got to see you on a weekly basis like I used to.  That is one of the things I miss most from my old Beaver Dam life… YOU!!  These next 75 miles are for you (and Zach!)  🙂

mary 1

This past December

mary 2

My 50 mile Run-a-Thon for MS in 2009

mary 3

A year or so ago.

I can’t believe I’m already 3 months into training for the relay!  I am past my easy week of 50 miles and the weeks stay pretty intense from here until the taper weeks right before I fly out to Utah to start my segment of the relay on May 19th.  Less than two months now!  Eeeekkkk!  Thank you Zach and Mary for the $75 donation and together another $150 for MS Run the US this week!

Want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting the following link!

Also, feel free to visit the MS Run the US homepage!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! :)

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website!

Week 11 (Week 5 of Ultra-Training) Running Log!

March 16-22nd

Miles: 50  Donations: $100

Week 11 is a Down Week!! Only 50 miles compared to last week’s 80!!

Monday–  Nice and warm out today!!  It is the week off from my yoga class downtown so I had extra time and didn’t have to get up super early to run (which I set my alarm to try and do still, but it just didn’t happen… Couldn’t drag myself out of bed.)  I did my running from house to house of 2 of the dogs I had to walk today.   It ended up being a 9 mile loop to run from my apartment to both their houses and back.  I tried to keep a faster pace since the run was broken up in chunks.  Averaged around 7:10 miles.  (Mile 7 I picked up the pace even more to see how fast I could go and I ran that mile in 6:14)  I also walked a lot today because it was too nice to use my car!!  In the evening I taught yoga.  By mid afternoon I was definitely feeling pretty tired.

Tuesday-  Pretty tired today.  Thought about making it a day off from running since I was mentally (and most of the day physically) tired, but I ended up running at night after work.  I am dog sitting a dog named Hunter and he lives about a mile and a half from me.  I have to go out multiple times a day to feed him, walk him and let him out.  So I decided to run over there to feed him dinner rather than drive since I hadn’t run yet.  Then I just added on a little at the end to make it 4 miles.  I also walked a TON today (over 8 miles) because I had a lot of dogs to check on and walk today.  Lonnnggggg dayyyy… So glad it’s over!!

Wednesday  Took off from running so I am completely fresh for my 30 mile run tomorrow.  I did do a lifting circuit, walked over 7 miles with all the dogs I had to check on, and taught a yoga class.  Another long day.  I am antsy and nervous for my long run tomorrow.  Mostly because Sam is on vacation and I will miss her company a LOT. 😦  I have hopefully recruited a couple running friends to run a little with me at some point though….

Thursday–  Long run day!  Got up a little after 4 a.m. to drink some Spark (Woo Advocare! Couldn’t do this without it!!) and get myself awake.  Started long run #1 at 4:40 a.m. and ran until 7 a.m.  Stopped to take a couple pictures and to feed and take Hunter the dog out (around 6:15).  Otherwise the rest of the time I was running.  Finished 15 miles, half way!!  Time to refuel and go to work for a few clients, then Run #2!!  

Started Run #2 around 9:20 or so.  Ran the first 7 on my own and then my friend Erin joined me for a couple, and then after she was done my other friend Danny and his dog joined me biking. 🙂  Catching up with him was a great distraction and I only had 2 left to do on my own once he headed home.  Got the other 15 in with an average pace of 7:44 per mile. 🙂  YAYYY!  43 out of 50 miles done this week!

15 miles

12.5 miles in, finally the sun!


Gotta have my Advocare!

Friday–  Day off!  I got my bike out and rode to all the dogs I had to walk today.  So I was still active but no running.  My quads are a bit sore when I go down stairs today, otherwise I feel decent.  Excited to finish up my miles tomorrow in Beaver Dam! 🙂  (I used to live there and was a teacher before I switched careers to be a personal trainer… going back for a run and a visit.)

Saturday–  Charity yoga at Anytime Fitness at 10:00 a.m.  Sam and I headed to Beaver Dam after I was done with work to visit a good friend of mine (and next weeks sponsor of the week– Mary!!) and go for a run someplace new.  I lived in Beaver Dam for 3 years and try to go back a couple times a year for a visit.  We got 7 miles in, did a little visiting with Mary then headed back to Milwaukee.

Sunday–  Was going to take the day off because I have all my miles in, but I am kinda in a bad mood today, and when I feel this way I just need to run because it makes me feel better.  So I ran to Hunter’s to feed him and take him out around 7:00 because as usual the days I am free to sleep in I always wake up early anyway.  4 miles round trip.  Also got to the gym for some lifting.

Total miles run this week: 54

Catch ya next week!  Run happy 🙂


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A Tribute to Week 11’s Generous Sponsors!

Week 11:  March 16th- March 22nd

Total miles this week:  50

Total amount donated by the sponsors:  $100

WOW!  Only 50 miles?!?!?!  Do you know how nice that feels after the last 4 weeks?  (60, 62, 70, 80 miles….)  It’s a breath of fresh air!  YIPEEE!!!  I don’t even know what I should do with all my free time!!!   Well.. yes, I do… I have a lot that I have been putting off because all I do is run and work, work and run… so I am working on my “Catch Up on Life To Do List” and will spend my extra time doing that so I can feel less guilty getting nothing else in my life done because of running.  But I am pretty excited about the last 4 weeks since I started my “Ultra-Training Mileage!”  I have ran every mile and been mostly injury free thanks to the massages I have been getting at Creating Wellness, and the PT I was doing in February with Dr. Rossman.   I have only hit 80 miles once or twice in my life before this.  I did 80 miles in 6 days last week.  Saturday I did have a MAJOR crash and had to spend most of the day in bed because I felt mentally, emotionally, and physically like life was kicking my butt.  So I napped most of the day and was a complete bum because my body did not give me any other choice (Which made me angry and sad since it was a sunny beautiful day and I missed it…)  The good news is I am feeling better and I can function again.  And I only have to run 50 miles!  Piece of cake!!

Now I want to introduce the three sponsors this week: Andrew, Rebecca and Kasey!   Thanks to them we have another $100 for MS Run the US!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!  I wouldn’t be able to embark in this big journey if it weren’t for the kindness of people like you!

Sponsor #1: Andrew Warner

Andrew has been a client of mine since Jen left last September to be a stay at home mom.  Since then I have had the pleasure of training Andrew twice a week.  Andrew is the Senior Pastor of a church in the area (Plymouth Church UCC) and an avid cook.  I enjoy listening and learning about all the amazing meals he cooks for his friends and family members.  I hope one of these days I will get to try some of the meals he tells me about.  Our sessions tend to make me a bit hungry by the end hearing all about his food passion.  😉  He also has a lot of great insight and ideas about all kind of things, including fundraising since he does a lot of work in that area himself.  He is very kind of give to my fundraiser for MS along with all the other charities he gives to, such as very recently when he held a fundraiser in his home to help feed hungry children in the Milwaukee area.   Thank you so much Andrew for your support, advice, and overall generosity for being a sponsor this week and donating $50 for MS Run the US!  Much appreciated!  🙂

For more information on the church Andrew works at please feel free to check out the church’s website!!


Sponsor #2: Kasey and Rebecca Augustine

I have known these two for most of my time working at Anytime Fitness.  Rebecca was a client of mine for quite awhile, and now both of them are regulars in my yoga classes at the gym. 🙂  Oh and before I go any farther I need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY you two!!  They wanted to sponsor this week because it is the week of their birthday! YAY!  It is very nice of them to want to use their birthday week as an opportunity to give and help others!   I have really enjoyed having Rebecca and Kasey in my yoga classes over the months.  They are there week in and week out for at least one class, if not two.  I was so grateful and excited one week when they told me one week that they wanted to be a sponsor.  They are both fun people to be around and chat with.  There have been a few times over the years that we have all met up when we were out on the weekends, such as Halloween one year and when Rebecca came to hang out with us during our work Christmas party this past December.  I will never forget how happy I was on Halloween the year that I was the hump of the camel (2013) with Simon and Rebecca relieved me of doing it the second day he wanted to go out in our costume… it isn’t exactly fun being the back end of a camel… haha.  Good times.  Thank you for the support and your friendship ladies!  Hope to see you at Charity yoga if it works out for the last one (Saturday the 21st)!   Have a GREAT Birthday week!!!


Kasey (left)


Rebecca (Left)

I can’t believe this is already week 11 of my training!  Time is flying by!  I am just so happy that this is the week of SPRING!!  About time!! Thanks to each of you for the $50 donation and together another $100 for MS Run the US this week!

Want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting the following link!

Also, feel free to visit the MS Run the US homepage!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! :)

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website!

Week 10 (Week 4 of Ultra-Training) Training Log!

March 9-15, 2015

Miles: 80  Donations: $160

Week 10’s training miles add up to 80 miles.  That is a 10 mile increase from last week.

Monday–  Last night the 70 mile week and how active I had been (including lifting, teaching yoga and going rock climbing on my “day off” that day…) finally caught up.  I hit a brick wall and felt like I could barely move.  I didn’t even have the energy to make myself dinner before crawling into bed at 6:45 pm when it was still completely light out because of the time change.  I dozed for about about an hour or so then woke up because I was hungry.  So I managed to crawl out of bed to feed myself before crashing again by 9:00.  I woke up before my alarm at 6 am and stayed in bed for a bit longer before I was out the door for a run a little after 6:30 am.  Got 10 miles in before 8:00.  Saw the sunrise and it was an amazing way to start my Monday morning.  I cannot even remember the last time I slept for 9 hours.  I am not a good sleeper.  So I am very thankful that I was able to do that  before my 80 mile week.  🙂

I was able to run again around 11 am after my morning shift and before I had to start walking the dogs and teach yoga.  Add another 5.5 to make it a 15.5 mile Monday. Woot! 🙂

sunrise  sunrise 2

Tuesday-  Taught yoga early in the morning.  I had a massage the afternoon scheduled with Michael at Creating Wellness (on Capital, highly recommend, he has helped me so much!!) and usually I am a little sore the next day and have to take a down day, so I wanted to get a decent amount of miles in again today.  I was able to get in 10.5 before our appointment so tomorrow I will either take off completely or just run pretty short and easy.  Miles 6 and 7 during my run today I did a little “tempo run” and picked up my pace to under 7 minute miles.  26 done for the week.

Wednesday-  Was planning on making this a down day but I woke up early (like before 5:00, boo!) and decided I might as well get up and run a little before work. So I got 5 easy miles in. I wasn’t too sore from my massage like I sometimes am. YAYY! 🙂  I was feeling pretty good both mentally and physically this morning so I got the bright idea to try and do my 3 hour long run this afternoon.  I had a slow evening at work so I had some extra time before I had to be back.  So I talked to Sam and Bryan and both agreed to do part of it with me- Sam first after she got off work and then Bryan.  Perfect!!  So I set out with my mind set on 3 hours.  I was a little worried at the beginning because I had been having some “light headed and shakiness” spells since the end of my morning shift, but it is probably just because I am in a bit of a calorie deficit..??  But luckily when I started running it didn’t bother to me too much and I ate a couple hours before I ran so my food had time to settle.  In the end I made it 3 hours- 22 mile.  27 for the day, 53 for the week so far. 🙂  Kicking butt!!!  I definitely hurt at the end and energy was slowly being depleted in the last half hour or so, but that is to be expected in a 3 hour run.  Overall I feel like I hurt less than I did for my 20 miler last Saturday.  Great progress!  Wanna go to the point where 20 doesn’t even faze me anymore.   Soon enough hopefully!

Thursday- Hurting a lot from yesterday.  This was the most painful and slowest run (9 minute miles, that is crawling for me..) I have done since I ran 60 miles in one day October 12th for my Run-a-Thon fundraiser.  The main reason I went today instead of taking off is that one of my clients wanted to go running for his session.  Ran 6.5 slowly and painfully.  Afterwards I got home from my morning shift I took some pain meds and took a nap and that helped a little.

Friday No PAIN!!!  That is GREAT news considering how much pain I was in yesterday morning when I went for my run.  I was able to get about 30 hours of rest (active rest that is… ) between yesterdays run and this afternoons run.  And I feel better!  My legs were a little tired (my shins are tight- that’s one of the signs that always tells me my legs are a bit tired) but I was still able to average around 7:20 pace and get in 6.5 miles.  Only about 14 to go!  Yipeeee! 🙂  And it was a beautiful day for a run outside by the lake!


Pretty Friday run by the lake 🙂

Saturday–  Originally planned to try and get up and put in 4 or 5 miles so I had less to do on Sunday, but it ended up being a rough day.  I woke up at 4 a.m. and felt a bit nauseous and sick.  I got myself up to go to work even though I didn’t feel the greatest still by 8 a.m. but wasn’t sure if I’d be up for the parade and all the other things I had planned to do today.  After my 3 clients I didn’t really feel sick to my stomach anymore, but I just felt tired and “off” so I decided to go home and rest for a bit. I had a major crash and couldn’t hardly get myself out of bed even by 4:30 that afternoon.  I finally made myself because I felt guilty for wasting the day, but even then, when I got over to Bryan’s around 5:30 I still didn’t feel good enough to do much more than lay on his couch and doze on and off the rest of the night.  When I crash, I usually crash hard and a whole day is wasted… Hence what happened today.  But usually it is because my body needs to catch up and I just can’t get the energy to do anything but sleep or lay around.. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow… 14 miles to do…

Sunday–  14 mile run.  Bryan started out with me and kept me company for the first 5, which was great because I started out feeling a little achy and tired still.  Then after he was done I swung by home and got my music to keep me company for the rest of the run.  It was kind of a roller coaster of a run, with some of it feeling tired and some of it feeling fine.  Averaged 7:35 per mile and it was a great feeling at the end to know I made my 80 miles in 6 running days this week.  Next week is a “down” week with my miles only around 50.  Nice!!!

Total miles run this week: 80!!!!! 🙂

Catch ya next week!


20 miler

Last Saturday’s 20 miler!

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Announcing Week 10’s First Sponsor: Simon Rech!

Week 10:  March 9-15th

Total miles this week:  80

Total amount donated by the sponsors:  $160

I’m pretty happy with how last week went.  It was a high mileage week (70) but I was able to fit a lot of long runs into my schedule and even take my first day off from running in weeks!  I did a 20 miler, a 15.5 miler, 10 and 9.5 for all my longer runs.  Then some shorter ones to make up the rest of the needed mileage.  I am a bit worried about this week because it gets a lot harder and my schedule is a lot fuller so finding the time to do it all is going to be a bit exhausting.  But I will do my best to make it happen even if I spend all my free time running.

Now I want to introduce the first sponsor of the week.  You can find the bio of the other two sponsors: David and Scott in the previous post.  Enjoy! 🙂

Sponsor #1: Simon Rech

I have literally known Simon for 2 years and 3 days.  He started working at Anytime Fitness with me on March 6th, 2013.  I started there a week before him and we are currently the only two remaining from the original crew.  I feel like I’ve gotten to know Simon pretty well over the past two years and 3 days, and I consider him a good friend.  We have had a lot of fun together and been through a lot over the past 2 years.  We have been beside each other through great times, emotional times, fun times, stressful times, and not such happy times.  Simon is like a brother to me… we confide in each other, we fight, we laugh, we call each other names, and we pick on each other and get annoyed with each other, and in the end we have each others backs.   We have traveled together to Minneapolis and Arizona for work conferences, and we have celebrated holidays together such as being a joint costume for Halloween, having a blast at our work Christmas parties, and celebrating each others birthdays.

Besides all the reasons mentioned above, Simon is also pretty awesome because he has given over $150 so far to my MS Run the US fundraiser.  Not to mention he has been around during all the important events such as my 60 mile Run-a-Thon and the Karma event.  As my boss at the gym he has been supportive of my need to shift things around with my schedule in order to get all my training in each week.  He likes to pretend to give me a hard time about things, but in the end he is really supportive and pretty awesome.


Such good friends that I agreed to be the hump in his Halloween camel costume… 2013.

simon 2

Ladies Man!

Thanks again Simon!!  For being a great friend, co-worker, boss, “brother”, reader of my blog posts, and supporter in all my fundraising and running efforts.   I hope you enjoy being the other sponsor with his VERY OWN BLOG POST!!!!  Your welcome!!  Thank you for giving $80 to MS Run the US this week!

Want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting the following link!

Also, feel free to visit the MS Run the US homepage!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! :)

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website!