Training Log- Month 2- Week 8

February 23-March 1, 2015

Miles:  62  Donations:  $162

Week 8 training miles add up to 62.

Monday–  This morning I had good intentions of getting to work by 6:45 or so to run some miles before my shift started around 8:30.  But when my alarm went off I was exhausted and pretty much felt dead to the world.  So I stayed in bed and even had trouble getting up the second time my alarm went off, an hour and a half later.  I ran 3 miles at the end of my morning shift on the treadmill and felt super tired, but I dragged myself through.  I taught yoga and walked dogs, then ran a quick 3 miles outside before coming back to work my second Anytime Shift.  At the end of the night I taught yoga then ran 2 more miles to get 8 in for the day.  I cannot wait for warmer weather so I don’t have to run 3x a day anymore… Ughh!

Tuesday-  Got up at 5 so I could put in some miles before my 6:15 morning yoga class.  Got 4 in.  Glad to feel a little less tired than yesterday.  After my morning shift I was able to squeeze in 2 more.  But the rest of the day was too busy so I ran out of time to get another run in.  6 for the day.  Also got a massage in the afternoon.  Pretty painful.

Wednesday-   Didn’t get up this morning to work out because I was pretty sore from my massage and just felt like I needed the extra sleep.  Did get in a pretty fast 3 mile run outside in the afternoon though (6:45 per mile pace).  Also taught yoga in the evening.  Was too tired to run more after.  I have a long run tomorrow so I figured I will rest up for that.

Thursday-  Long run day!  Sam and I bundled up for a 2 hour run.  It snowed more than we expected so the worst part was all the sidewalks and the parts of the trail that were unshoveled.  But it was also pretty cold out.  But we made it!  I ended up with some painful blisters that bothered me the last 5 miles or so, but we still got 15 miles in 2 hours and 5 minutes.  30 left this week!!

Friday   Subbed a spin class downtown where I teach yoga weekly.  So go a little bit of a different workout doing that.  After I got all my work related tasks done I went for a 6 mile run.  Bundled up and went outside.  Hoping warmer weather is on its way.  Sick of running with so many layers on!

Saturday–  Ran 3 miles early in the morning because I couldn’t sleep.  I was really glad I did this even though it was cold and dark because it made it so I only had to go 17 later.  I started the 17 before 11 am and ran the first 10 with my friend Brian and the other 7 by myself.  It took me two hours and 10 mins with an average pace per mile of 7:40.  Not too shabby. 🙂  Excited to only have 4 left tomorrow!! It will seem so easy! 🙂

Sunday– Really tired today.  Good thing I only have 4 easy miles left!  I am just going to enjoy the fresh air and not worry about how long it takes me to get through this run.  I am a bit sore and worn out from the 20 miles yesterday, so thank goodness I just have a short run left to get my 62 done for the week!  ….I was definitely tired and sore, but its done!  I did it!!  Week 2 of ultra training complete!

Total miles run this week:  62!! Did it!!

Catch ya next week!


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5k Conference Champ in college. 8 years ago this week!


A Thank You to Week 8’s Sponsors!

Week 8:  Feb 23-March 1

Total miles this week:  62

Total amount donated by the sponsors (Dan, Val and Marcus): $124!  Thank you so much!

I am excited to go the second week of ultra-training still mostly pain free.  I had a couple days of discomfort this past week, but i seemed to recover quickly and was usually a lot better the next day when I set out to run again.  In January when I first started having pain, it just continued to get worse and worse with every run until I could no longer ignore it because it started to effect my every day life, such as work, yoga and sleeping.  That luckily has not been the case this time.   On Thursday I went to the Pettit and I was hurting quite a bit in the last 3 miles of my 10 mile run.  But the next day when I ran I felt pretty much back to normal, which is a really good sign.  I am also excited to have another massage schedule this week at Creating Wellness on Capital, so that will help me continue to be pain free for week 2 of ultra training.   I was able to run 61 miles last week, and this week is pretty much the same at 62.  My only hope is that the weather is better so I can do most of them outside and get a couple of longer runs in rather than breaking them up into smaller runs multiple times a day.

Now that you have the update, let me tell you more about this weeks sponsors: Valerie & Dan Stefanich and Marcas Bunton!  Thank you for another $124 for MS Run the US you three! 🙂

Sponsor #1: Dan and Val

Dan is a client of mine and has been for almost two years now.  I train him two to three times per week depending on the week and if it works with his schedule to get in that extra session.  They are definitely sessions I look forward to every single week.  Dan has been a HUGE help to me during my fundraising for MS Run the US so far.  I would not be where I am today (Almost to goal!) if it were not for his help, generosity, and guidance.  He not only has given a lot of money for the cause so far, but he has also contacted dozens of his friends and family members to ask them to donate!  He also has been right there supporting me through every fundraiser I have done.  He helped me get raffle items and sponsors for my 60 mile run, he has gotten me business cards and letterhead made for me with the help of Clark Graphics (on Oakland Ave. near the Walgreen’s), and he has shown up to all my events to show his support in any way that I have needed it.  He has taught me so much about how to get the word out about raisong such a large amount of money.  It was also his doing that I was able to get a video made for my 60 mile run-a-thon by connecting me with Frank who made it for me.  (If you never got a chance to see the video, you can find it here! )

Val is Dan’s wife who I do not train but have met several times when Dan has invited me over to their house.  I felt like a part of the family over the holidays because I was invited over to their beautiful home both for Thanksgiving dinner as well as their Christmas friend and family get together.  I was lucky enough to be able to stop by for a little while for both holidays and get to meet some of the people who have donated to my cause as well as get to meet Val and Dan’s son Andrew, who has also given a donation.  They are such a kind family and have made me feel so welcome in their home.  Thank you for everything you have done for me, including several different donations, both for my 60 mile run-a-thon as well as being this weeks sponsors!   I cannot say enough good about Dan, Val and their family and friends.  I have come to consider Dan like a family member to me!  We have had a lot of fun together planning many successful fundraising events and I would not be to $9,500 without him!


Sponsor #2:  Marcas

Marcas is someone I have just recently met at the gym.  I do not know him well yet, but he was kind enough to approach me about wanting to be a sponsor of the week.  It is so nice when people approach me and want to do something to help me with fundraising.  It takes some of the pressure off me.  It is not easy for me to always be asking people to donate or be a sponsor, very out of my comfort zone.  So it is a breath of fresh air when someone volunteers like Marcas did.  🙂  Marcas is a regular at the gym who works very hard training for body building competitions.  He and I have also talked about biking and running, both things he enjoys when he is not focused on just strength.  I am hoping we can do some running and biking together once the weather gets better again.  Thank you for your generosity and approaching me to find out more about my run and fundraiser for MS Marcas!  I appreciate it so much!


Thanks again to Dan, Val and Marcas for being the sponsors of week 8 of my training!  You are helping make a big difference in the lives of those living with MS!  Together you brought in another $124 for MS Run the US! 🙂  YOU ROCK!

Want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

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Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

Karma Fundraiser- Feb. 19th!

In May I will run my part of the distance across the US for a great chairty- MS Run the US.   Runner one will leave from LA on April 11th, 4 more will go after them, then it will be my turn. 12 more will runners will continue to journey on to New York after me.  We each have a huge journey in front of us.  Not only because of the physical distance we must cover over 6 days time, but the fundraising goal of raising $10,000 each!  In some ways that is a bigger challenge for some of us than the miles we will run, both training wise and during our segment.  $10,000 is a LOT of money!  The whole package is no easy task.  Each of us who were picked for this event filled out an application of interest with questions asking us “Why” we wanted to do this and went through a phone interview with the non-profit that stressed the commitment of the training AND fundraising.  This is not just a “I think I will do some ultra running because it would be cool to run part way across the US”, but a commitment to put just as much effort into fundraising.

karma 8

High school friends!

I’ve never wanted anything more than I have wanted to get picked for this relay.  I wanted it so much that I actually started planning my first fundraiser and actually started raising money BEFORE I even had my interview and was accepted.  I figured if I didn’t get in I was still doing something good and I would donate all the money to one of the runners who did get accepted.  But thankfully Ashley accepted me and knew how committed I was to the challenge.  I had an official fundraising page before I was accepted as part of the team because I was already planning my first fundraiser.  It was my 60 mile run-a-thon which I completed in October.  I made the very first donation to my page on August 21st, 2014 of $50.  Since that day the donations have continued to come in in spurts.

My girls!

My girls!

Last night was my last big fundraiser and it has put me within $500 of my goal of $10,000!   I got up after less than 5 hours of sleep to write this blog because I knew I had to write it while the emotions are still running high or it just wouldn’t be the same.  Sleep can wait, this is way more important.   Every event I have done so far has been an amazing experience because people have been SO supportive.  When I ran 60 miles in one day so many people came to be a part of it and a LOT of people donated.  It got me over $5,000.  Last night was another great example of all the amazing people I have in my life.  But the great part was that I didn’t have to do anything crazy like run 60 miles to get people there.  I could have a great time, talk to people, socialize and eat food rather than burn them!  How wonderful!!  🙂  The amazing staff at karma volunteered their time to do the work to make this event great.  I just had to get people there.


Good running friends!

And WOW did they come!  I have spent the last month talking up this event to anyone and everyone: family, friends, clients, friends of friends, etc.  I do not  have an exact count but a LOT of people came last night to be a part of this great event.   So many people that we more than DOUBLED my expectations for this fundraiser and the amount that it raised!  At the end of the night after everyone had left Danny gave me the grand total and I almost fell out of my chair with excitement and disbelief.  $1,125.50!  WOW, so AMAZING!

My parents made it :)

My parents made it 🙂

I cannot believe what a room full of good friends and family can do!   Who knew this adventure would be so REWARDING!?  When I first signed up for this I had no real idea how raising $10,000 would feel!  It has been 6 months of hard work to come up with all these different ways to raise that much money, but I have loved every second of it!  What rewarding hard work it has been!  I truly feel that being a part of the MS Run the US relay and having this fundraising goal has changed me as a person.  I in no way think I was a bad person before, but I definitely did not have the giving spirit that I do now.   Now that I have experienced first hand how many people in my lift care and have given to my run without even batting an eye, there is no way all this good hasn’t rubbed off on me!

Anyone who comes to me and needs anything or is raising money for something, there is no way I wouldn’t give to help them feel the way I have over the past 6 months.  I have learned so much about how quickly giving even a small amount can add up to something BIG!  And really, there is nothing better to spend money on then something that will make you feel good inside for weeks at a time.  The coffee I buy, or the new running attire I would spend my money on doesn’t make me feel the same joy, that’s for sure!

karma 7

I want to thank the Karma staff who worked this event out of the goodness of their heart and gave up their HARD EARNED tips to MS Run the US and pretty much working for free.  Our amazing bartenders and servers included Katie, Heidi, Grace, Danny and Ari!  I cannot thank you enough.  I think the world of you all.  I am honored to know people who would work their asses off for over 5 hours to make sure we were all having a great time and cater to our needs in the name of GIVING to others!  WOW!  Blows my mind.  Everyone should be as caring and giving as you 5, this world would be a different place, that’s for sure! 

This is also true of the people who came and gave their hard earned money in the form of tips and 50/50 raffle tickets.  We all work hard for every dollar we make, and giving it up for others is an amazing thing.  Not all people are willing to do so!  I am glad that fundraising for this charity has given me the opportunity to constantly surround myself with those who do.  It has changed my view point on life and people.  I have run a lot of miles in my life, but running a lot of miles AND raising money for a good cause to go with it has been life changing for me.

karma 6

Now that I know I am going to reach my goal of $10,000 VERY soon (I have less than $500 to go and many sponsors who will be giving in the near future to get me the rest of the way!) I can focus on training for this beast of an event.  I still have the most grueling part left… getting my body ready for over a marathon a day for 6 days in a row… in the mountains.  EEKK!   But thanks to all of you who have given to my cause and helped me reach my goal 3 months early I can train without the $10,000 goal still hovering over my head.  Instead I will worry about how in the world I am going to run all those miles while holding a full time job, teaching yoga, walking dogs, having a social life, etc.  Yikes!  Oh well… bring it on! I am up for the challenge and have promised to do the best I can to complete the distance.

karma 4

So thank you to EVERYONE who made it last night, made it to my 60 mile run, made it to my charity yoga, offered to be a sponsor of the week, or just made a donation (or multiple!!!) over the last 6 months!  Thank you for opening my eyes to giving and making me less selfish and changing my views on money and how irrelevant it really is if you can’t share it with others!  Can’t take it with us when we die, so why not use it to help those less fortunate than us?!  There is no way I can give a shout out by name to everyone who was there last night, there were just too many people!  But I do want to thank my parents for making it as well as Bryan’s family who have become like a family to me as well.  It meant a lot to have you all there!  Thank you to those people who came who don’t eve know me very well, but were invited by someone else and still decided to come and show support!  I which I would have had the time to talk to each and every person for longer.  Time just went so fast and there were SO many people! 🙂

karma dan

I owe a lot to Dan, he has been an amazing help from the beginning!

Ok, I know I have a problem with talking to much, so I will finally wrap this up.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  From the bottom of my heart I cannot say it enough!  You all have touched my life in such a positive light and made me a better person just by showing your support.  WE DID IT!!  Together we have raised a crap-ton of money for MS!   🙂

Keep Giving and Keep Running! 🙂



My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! :)

My Bobble Head for the MS Run the US website! 🙂

Didn’t get to make it last night but still want to donate!?  It’s NEVER too late! Thanks for helping us make a difference in the lives of those living with MS!

Use the following link:

Sam and I

Sam and I

Month 2; Week 7 Training Log

February 16-22, 2015

Miles:  60  Donations:  $160

Week 7 training miles add up to 60.  I am determined to run all of them this week!! 🙂  I am feeling really good and the pain has pretty much totally gone away, which is a miracle considering how miserable I was just a couple weeks ago!  I am definitely a believer in massage now!!  It has saved me and made it so I can train again! Wooo!

Monday–  Today I didn’t feel ready to run outside with my cold, and I am not a huge fan of the treadmill and use it as a last resort.  I knew today I needed to stay inside so I ended up breaking my run into chunks so I didn’t have to do 10 miles in one shot on it.  Sounded like pure torture.  So I ran a couple miles, did some lifting, ran 4 more after for 7 miles in the morning.  Then in the afternoon after I walked dogs and taught yoga I came back to the gym and ran 3 more to end at 10 miles for the day.

Tuesday-  No one was signed up for my morning yoga class today but I got there early anyways just in case.  So I was able to get in 6 miles on the treadmill with a little bit of lifting in between some of the miles.  The second part of my run (4 miles) I did after my morning shift ended.  I ran to a couple of the houses to walk dogs and back home and it ended up being the perfect distance I needed.  I decided to squeeze in another 2 miler at the end of my evening shift, mostly so that I have two less miles to do another day this week because I know every day I will just get more and more tired and sick of the treadmill unless I can get outside again soon.  12 miles total today.

Wednesday-  Is it really only Wednesday?!  AHHH!  Oh man, running on the treadmill 2-4 times per day makes every day seem like 2 or 3 days.  Ughhh.  I can’t wait for the weather to change.  One more day then I should be back outside and back to my normal running patterns rather than this milti-run training I have been doing all week.  So… today… I ran 4 different times and totaled 14 miles by the end of the day.  Here was my day in a nutshell:  Get up really early (I think my alarm went off at 5:10 or something) and go to the gym to run/lift (4 miles total), go home and get cleaned up and eat oatmeal, go back to work and train from 7:30-10:30.  Then run 4 more miles.  Walk dogs and run errands… then go back to the gym again (around 2 pm) and run 3 more miles.  Go home, shower off again, eat lunch, go back to work and train until 7, teach yoga and then run 3 more miles.  WHEW!!   Yup.. that’s one lonnnngggg day.  But I’m at 36 miles for the week, so that is a good feeling. 🙂

Thursday- Decided to take a chance and go to the Pettit.  I just can’t take another day of the treadmill.  My injury did start to bother me quite a bit at the end of the 10 mile run I did, but I just ignored it and decided to push through.  I am getting another good massage next Tuesday so I just have to hang in there until that helps take away the pain again.    It was nice to run only once today for the first time this week!!!  46 done for the week… 14 to go 🙂  P.S.- The Karma event went AWESOME tonight! So many people came and we raised another $1,100!!  Only about $500 to go to meet goal! 🙂

Friday Ran on the treadmill again… it was still a bit cold and I just needed to squeeze it in between clients.  So I did two miles quick between my first and second client because I had a gap, then did the other 4 at the end of my morning shift.  Just 8 to go! 🙂

Saturday–  Going to be up North with my boyfriend and some friends… Got up before everyone else so I could get the rest of my miles in.  Set out to do 8 but ended up with 8.5 by when I finished.  It was snowy and the roads were not plowed, so running felt a little different because I did not have the same traction I was used to.  Also got a couple hills because the roads I ran on had some rolling hills.  Finished with my weekly miles!  60.5 completed in 6 days!

Sunday–  I did end up going to the gym when we got back from being up North, but I didn’t do too much.  Half mile of jogging and 3 minutes of rowing for a warm up, then some light lifts.  Was feeling tired and unmotivated so I figure that’s better than nothing.

Total miles run this week:  61

Catch ya next week!


Check out the fundraising progress!  Or make a donation! 🙂

May 10, 2014- Chocolate 5k!

May 10, 2014- Chocolate 5k!

Week 7’s Wonderful Sponsors

Week 7:  February 16th-22nd

Total miles this week:  60

Total amount donated by the sponsors (Tom, Lauren and Brian): $160!  Thank you so much!

When it comes to my hip pain and discomfort I am almost pain free thanks to the PT and the couple of massages I have gotten at Creating Wellness on Capital in Milwaukee. (Micheal is the masseuse and he is very good, check it out!  I was able to run all 42 miles last week, which is super exciting considering two weeks ago I was still having to walk a bunch of them due to the pain I was in.  The challenge this week was the cold I started coming down with on Monday and has continually gotten worse as the week has gone by.  It started as a sore throat, then by the end of the week it was in my chest and sinuses.  I was able to bundle up and run outside Thursday and Friday, which I’m sure hasn’t helped my situation but there was no way I was doing 12 and 13 miles on the treadmill.  But I am a little worried about this upcoming week and hitting 60 miles with the cold weather hanging around and my cold not being better yet.  So we will have to see how it goes.  I am thinking of making a doctors appointment to make sure it isn’t something worse than just a cold- such as a sinus infection.

Now that you have the update, let me tell you more about this weeks sponsors: Tom Schmidt, Lauren Kutsche, and Brian Polzin!  So enough about me, let me get on to the important part!!!  Thank you for another $160 for MS Run the US you three! 🙂

Sponsor #1: Tom and Lauren

Tom is my boyfriends roommate and has become someone I consider a good friend.  I am over at their place often hanging out watching TV and sharing meal time with them.  He has shown support to me in many ways throughout my fundraising efforts so far.  Back in September and October when I was working on getting the word out about my 60 mile run-a-thon Tom was very helpful in sharing my video and fundraising link with people he knows, as well as helping me out by getting a bunch of copies made of the signs I put up advertising for the run.   Tom is one of those people who make everything entertaining because he is always cracking a joke or making all of us laugh.  I feel lucky that my boyfriend has a fairly tolerable roommate, otherwise that would probably be a deal breaker since I spend a decent amount of time as the third wheel in their apartment. Ha!  Joking… 😉  On a more serious note, thank you Tom for being awesome in so many ways.  Such as helping spread the work about what I am doing, donating to MS, being a good and caring friend, inviting us to your cabin this upcoming weekend, and just plain making life more fun. 🙂  Bryan has found a keeper of a friend in you, and so have I!

Lauren is Tom’s girlfriend and I met here around the same time I first met Tom last June. Her and Tom chipped in together to sponsor my miles this week.  She lives in the Chicago area so I do not see her as often as I see Tom, but it is always a fun weekend when she is around and we all get to hang out together.  This past weekend her and Tom participated in Charity Yoga and helped show their support that way as well.  Thank you so much for your support you two and together donating $130 so far for MS Run the US since I started fundraising last September!  I wouldn’t be as far as I am today (over $8,000!) if it weren’t for the generosity of people like you!

New Years

New Years


Tom and Lauren

Sponsor #2: Brian

I have known Brian for about a year and a half now, because he is the brother in law of Ryan, the current owner of the Anytime Fitness I work at.  We found out we have a major thing in common in that we are both avid runners.  Brian has done a handful of marathons, half marathons and other races just like I have.  We have gone running together a handful of times over the past year and a half and we were on the same Ragnar Relay team last June.  That weekend was one of my most memorable running experiences of 2014. Brian has also been a regular in my Tuesday morning yoga class since I started teaching it over a year ago.  Like so many of my weekly sponsors so far, he has been a huge support in my MS fundraisers and events, such as running a bunch of miles with me during my 60 mile run-a-thon and being a part of the MS Marathon Relay event last weekend.  He has also become a great friend who sometimes meets up with us to hang out on weekends and for fun events such as New Years, my birthday, work Christmas parties, fantasy football draft, etc.  I always enjoy his company, whether it be work related, going for a run, or getting together with a group of friends.  Thank you Brian for your continuous support, sharing my love of running, and being a good friend and running buddy.  You went above and beyond in sponsoring this week with your donation of $100!  Thank you for contributing over $180 to MS Run the US over the past 6 months since I started this adventure!  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for friends like you!

In the middle with his MS Relay Team.

In the middle with his MS Relay Team.

Thanks again to Tom, Lauren, and Brian for sponsoring the first official week of “ultra-training”!  You are helping make a big difference in the lives of those living with MS!  Together you brought in another $120 for MS Run the US! 🙂  YOU ROCK!

Want to make a donation?   Please use my fundraising website or email me at:!  Thanks! 🙂

Donate here by copying and pasting the following link!

Run happy,

Nikki 🙂

Month 2, Week 6 Training Log.

February 9-15, 2015

Miles:  42   Donations:  $84

Week 6 training miles add up to 42.  If all goes well I am hoping to run most of those, rather than walk a bunch of them as I have had to the last couple weeks due to a little set back with major tightness and discomfort in my hips and entire left leg pretty much.

Monday–  My Mondays are pretty busy but I was able to break my run into two shorter runs and get in 7 miles total today!  I ran 4 miles after my morning shift ended (around 11:00) and then ran a second time after I was done walking dogs and teaching my first yoga class of the day before going back to the gym for my evening shift (around 3:00).  I felt pain free both times.  🙂  What a good start to the week!  Taught a second yoga class in the evening at Anytime.

Tuesday-  This morning was early yoga day.  So I was up and on the go by 6 am.  I had a couple of cancels  in my schedule so I had a 2 hour gap in my morning to get stuff done for work and get a half hour lift in.  After the end of my morning shift I ran 6 miles.  Felt pretty decent, just a little IT band and glute tightness on that bad left side.  I also saw the Dr. Rossman the physical therapist again today.  I am excited to already have 13 miles in for the week. 🙂  So far so good!!

Wednesday- Today I am taking the day off for several reasons.  A.)  I have not taken a day off since last Wednesday, B.) I had a scratchy throat that started a couple days ago and today it has turned into a fairly annoying cold, C.)  I got a message today so that took up time when I would have run and I am a bit sore from it.  The message was once again quite painful, but Micheal at Creating Wellness is quite confident that I can start following my training schedule and doing my long runs after this (including my 20 miler which I will try for next week!)  I made another appointment to see him on the 24th to continue to work out my super tight quads, glutes, hamstrings and pretty much everything from the waist down that is causing me discomfort.  So I am going to enjoy my day off, try to kick this cold, and be ready to run 10 or more miles tomorrow if all goes as planned. 🙂

Thursday-  Today my friend and training partner Samantha and I bundled up to brave the cold for a longer run.  Our goal was 10 or more miles.  It was about 8 degrees when we started and we started against the wind which obviously made it even colder.  But the good news is that the whole second half was with the wind so that was a piece of cake.  There were some very cold stretches where the wind was just plain painful, but we gutted it out and made it a little over 10 miles outside.  We decided we wanted to get a couple more in and get warm, so we ended with a couple more on the treadmill to make it a 12 mile day.  So for the week I am at 25 miles so far. 🙂

Friday  Got up early and did a mile warm up and some upper body lifts and core.  My cold was a little worse last night but it is more annoying than anything.  I am sure I aggravated it running in the cold weather yesterday.  But despite the raspy voice and congestion, I decided to switch my other long run to today because my running buddy for Saturday is now going to be out of town and it is supposed to be the coldest and windiest day tomorrow.  Boo that.  So I ended up running 12 miles this afternoon.  My goal for the day was 14.  Made it 13.  Close enough in this cold weather, running long yesterday too and how I’m feeling.  I am just excited I made it that far!

Saturday–  Day off running.  My cold has settled in my sinuses and I am super stuffed up and feel fairly miserable.  Thank goodness I can take today off except teaching Charity Yoga.  Even that was a bit of a struggle, but it brought in another $50 for MS so it was worth it.

Sunday-  I have 4 miles left to complete my miles this week.  So I went to the gym this morning even though I am still feeling the effects of this cold and ran and lifted.  I had to take it pretty slow and break it up and chunks because I was feeling head-achy, tired and just off.  But I finished the 4 miles.  I am a bit worried about this cold not getting better and I had a bad feeling it is going to effect my training next week unless by some miracle I wake up and it’s just gone tomorrow.  One more day of this and I am thinking it is time to go to the doctor to make sure its nothing worse than just an annoying cold… 😦  But for now I will just be thankful that I ran all 42 miles and didn’t have to walk any of them because my legs and hips feel soo much better!  Instead it has shifted to a cold..  it’s always something isn’t it?!

Hope everyone had a great week and a happy Valentines Day!! 🙂  Catch ya next week!


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quad cities

On our way to the race start of the Quad Cities Marathon! 🙂

Week 6 Sponsors! Thank you!

Week 5:  February 9th-15th

Total miles this week: 42ish

Total amount donated by the sponsors (Billy, Chelsea and Erin): $84!  Thank you so much!

I am feeling a lot better after my massage at Creating Wellness this past Thursday.  (Micheal is the masseuse and he is very good, check it out!  I was just short of hitting my goal of 41 miles last week, but made up for the last little bit by walking a lot.  This week I would love to be able to run all 42 miles and get another longer run in (my goal is to try for 14 on Saturday…)  I am supposed to be at 20 this week for a long run, but it is not a good idea to take that big of a jump in my long run distance yet (11 to 20… bad idea…) so I figured 14 would be a great goal to see how my hip does.  So here’s hoping for the best!  I want to be back on track in the next couple weeks because official ULTRA training starts next week already!  Yikes- Time flies!

I am also excited to tell you all about this weeks sponsors, Billy Weber, Chelsea Sherbine and Erin Donohue!  So enough about me, let me get on to the important part!!!  Thank you for another $84 for MS Run the US you three! 🙂

Sponsor #1:  Billy and Chelsea

Billy and Chelsea are two of my coworkers at Anytime Fitness.  They are both personal trainers, Billy full time and Chelsea part time for now.  They have also been a couple for just over a year now. 🙂  Besides being trainers they are also very dedicated to Advocare- which is a Wellness and Supplement product line that we now carry at the gym thanks to them!  I have worked with Billy for almost a half year now, and Chelsea since this fall when Jen left to be a stay at home mom.  I really enjoy working with them and getting to know them both at work and the few times we have gotten the opportunity to get together outside of work, such as our staff Christmas party this last December. They are both awesome trainers, and I have been lucky enough to be put through a workout by each of them when we were interviewing them.  They were definitely my top picks over all the people we interviewed for the positions!  🙂   Billy and Chelsea have been very supportive of my running and are always asking how I am doing with my training and fundraising.  They volunteered some of their time during my 60 mile Run-a-Thon on October 12th, which was very awesome of them!   Thank you so much for the $42 donation this week you two!  Your support is greatly appreciated and thank you for being sponsors this week and for all your encouragement you give me in meeting my big fundraising and running goals! 🙂  I really enjoy being both coworkers and friends with you both!  Not to mention your own drive and dedication to being healthy and fit trainers is very motivating to me as well as everyone else!  Keep kicking butt! 🙂

Work Christmas Party

Work Christmas Party


The Awesome Couple!

Sponsor #2:  Erin

I met Erin when she became a client of mine almost a year and a half ago.  We became closer friends partly because she is awesome and fun to hang around, and partly because we both enjoy running and she had her sights set on running her first half marathon last June (Rock and Sole Half).  Not only did she successfully complete this half marathon, but she also completed her second one this fall when she did the Brewers half, which is held in September.  She has also come and run with us during running club a couple of times and plans on continuing to run more half marathons.  Like myself, and many of the runners I have gotten to know over the past couple years, shes hooked and one will never be enough. 😉   Erin is not only the sponsor of the week but she also was a part of the fundraiser running event we held at the gym this weekend.  Despite having three friends in town visiting her for the weekend and probably having a lot of other things they would have loved to do more, they started their day with us at the gym, running on the treadmill and donating another $80 to MS Run the US between the 4 of them.  I thought that was the coolest thing ever!  I was so happy that they came and spent their morning with us, and that were able to hang out with them for a bit that afternoon once the running fun was done. 😉   So thank you Erin for sponsoring my training miles this week, bringing your friends to the running event this weekend, and being a great friend.  I look forward to your future running accomplishments, our sessions at the gym, and spending more time with you outside of the gym because you are a great friend!  I am so glad we have gotten the opportunity to get to know each other over the past year and a half and I can’t thank you enough for your support!  Keep running and keep being awesome! I look forward to a lot more good memories (especially warm weather ones!  A couple more months! YEAA!!)

erin 2

Brady St Days- Summer 2014

  erin d

Thanks again to Billy, Chelsea, and Erin! You are amazing, caring, and generous people!  Together you brought in another $84 for MS Run the US! 🙂  WOO!

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Run happy,

Nikki 🙂